2020 is the year for version 2.0 of distance selling

Jun, 2020 | Editorials

The Covid-19 pandemic provided a phenomenal boost for the global deployment of e-commerce, whose growth (in double digits) remains stable overall. Even the most sceptical retailer can appreciate how digital technology is not the nemesis of physical retail, but an extension. Luxury retailers were historically promoting brands and products within a display case of glamourous boutiques. They are now accelerating their online development in Saudi Arabia as a future showcase of global luxury.

The lockdown period has seen an unprecedented craze for new business practices, which are part of a fresh initiative for distance selling. In the U.K., John Lewis successfully offered pre-booked virtual video appointments between prospective customers and specialist sales staff. Such is the strong rise in sales that this business process is now established and spreading across other business categories.

Finally, in China, the first region to lead a retail recovery, sectors that were historically lagging in digital services like beauty and cosmetics are being relaunched for online!

We expected that distance selling sale disappeared with the demise of printed catalogues. However, long live Version 2.0 of door-to-door selling. We look forward to unveiling new practices, new services, and new heroes for the world of retail.

By Gautam Chowdhury
CEO of RXG India