Human Capital Practice

“You don’t build a business; you build
People and then People build the business”

– Zig Zagler


As employee lifecycle specialists, our recruitment team focuses on not only hiring but also on skilling people and enabling performance improvements for an efficiently managed workforce. Through an effective combination of people, processes and technology, our RPO services achieve operational efficiencies and create the perfect culmination for Workforce. With a national footprint, we have the requisite infrastructure to build and manage large workforces across the country.

Human Capital services

  • Workforce Acquisition – Temp Staffing, Direct Hiring and Outsourced Hiring Services (RPO)
  • Workforce Management – Process and Compliance Services
  • Workforce Optimization – Performance Management Services
  • Workforce Development – Learning and Development Services

Recruit | Operate | Measure | Educate

Over the years, RXG has developed  a proprietary model

R.O.M.E.™: Recruit | Operate | Measure | Educate
drives our Human Capital practice to offer a completely hassle-free experience to our clients and their employees. With this process, we not only build a workforce from scratch but also take accountability for complete performance management of the workforce.

From Recruitment to
R.O.M.E.™: Recruit – Workforce Acquisition – The efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process directly affects business performance. At RXG we deploy experienced head-hunters across multiple locations to source and onboard the perfect and best fit team members for our clients for direct recruitment, Flexi hiring outsourced payroll recruitment.

R.O.M.E.™: Operate – Workforce Management – Large workforces require an experienced team to drive compliance and process management. Our RPO teams add value to our customers by delivering an employee experience reflecting the organizations’ internal HR practices. This includes HR, Payroll management and statutory compliance.

R.O.M.E.™: Measure – Workforce Optimization – Performance Management involves tracking performance at the front line with real-time data reporting across multi-layered management organograms. Our Proprietary software ENHANCE automates the entire process seamlessly.

R.O.M.E.™: Educate – Workforce Development – Our learning and development services are designed to maximise performance through assessment, innovative and interactive interventions. Our speciality is in bringing globally acclaimed training programs to leverage global best practices.

Other practices

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Merging science and art to create an essence of purchase.

Design Practice

Applying design as a value source of differentiation for business.

Technology Practice

Enhancing the total value proposition through technology.

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