Technology Practice

“Technology is best when it brings people together”

– Matt Mullenweg


In today’s digital and connected world, technology plays a pivotal role across every business function. At RXG, we leverage the power of technology to amplify our customer’s consumption of our services, be it digital and social media platforms or our proprietary software platform- ENHANCE. ENHANCE offers our customers the flexibility of activating any module as per their current needs while having the option of incremental future purchases.

Technology products

  • ENHANCE PAY– Integrated Payroll management including timesheets, leave management, online reimbursements and claims.
  • ENHANCE SALES – Integrated lead management solution with an inbuilt document manager.
  • ENHANCE HR – Integrated onboarding, compliance, performance and learning management.
  • ENHANCE INSIGHT – Integrated Reporting and Analytics platform on mobile and web platforms.

Technology in Business Consulting

In today’s connected world, technology offers tremendous value to a business across all functions including HR, sales, Finance and Operations. RXG’s IP worthy in-house software – ENHANCE is built to offer our clients the benefits of automation through both a Mobile App and a Desktop Interface. Our cloud infrastructure offers all the advantages of a SaaS platform delivering a distinctive digital customer journey for our clients.

Simultaneously, our teams work with brands to define and establish their online presence through e-commerce websites and online brand management.

Other practices

Brand & Market Practice

Merging science and art to create an essence of purchase.

Design Practice

Applying design as a value source of differentiation for business.

Human Capital Practice

Framing the success of an organization through its greatest asset – People.

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