Design Practice

“Brand is the story; Design is the storytelling”

– Susan Sellers


RXG comes with a strong foundation of Design. Using Design as a strong differentiation lever, RXG team helps customers create truly unique businesses. Our creative approach singularizes our clients from competing assembly line brands.

We know that great design is more than just aesthetics. It incorporates the solidarity of visual communication. As an award-winning design company, we apply design to business innovatively making brands better known, better understood, and truly memorable, internationally. We have been exceptionably successful in creating spaces where customers want to come back to, again and again.

Design services

  • Experiential Space Design & Experience Centres
  • Creating Unique Store Design Concepts
  • Visual Merchandising, Communications & Window Displays
  • Category Displays
  • Digital Product and Service Design
  • Innovative Packaging Design

Design in Retail

One of the best design companies in India and the Middle East, RXG has been innovating in retail and B2B experience design for decades. We provide customer-centric design solutions for our customer’s brand to create a unique experience centre for their products and their customers.

In today’s digital age, digital branding has emerged as an intricate blend of technology platforms, UI, UX, customer online behaviour and analytics. This digital branding expertise along with an equally important prowess in creating experiential spaces make for a winning combination at RXG.

Other practices

Brand & Market Practice

Merging science and art to create an essence of purchase.

Human Capital Practice

Framing the success of an organization through its greatest asset – People.

Technology Practice

Enhancing the total value proposition through technology.

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