3M Customer Experience and Technology Centres, India and Saudi Arabia.


3M wanted to set up a customer experience centre at their R & D laboratory to demonstrate their wide range of products and their applicability across multiple industries. The centre was to showcase 3M’s different business divisions and technologies to an audience of B2B buyers from large manufacturing houses. RXG won this project competing with global experts in the area of creating experiential spaces. The task was the Development of a concept, a theme and Spatial Design Layout.

Concept Strategy

3-month intense research and learning built a deep understanding of 3M’s business, technology, client base and product adaptation across a myriad of industries. This exercise made us realize that each of 3M’s divisions touched our lives in several ways.

RXG developed the insightful theme of “Imitating Life” (Biomimicry) across each of the 8 business divisions of 3M. Each business division was represented by a defined area and the entire space was linked to creating a common 3M story.

Design Strategy

RXG increased awareness of 3M innovation and technologies on diverse industry sectors in a limited space of 500 sqm, through a walkthrough approach.

State of the art digital media blended with physical applications to create an experience that was beyond mere visual. Interactive displays were utilised to give the customer an immersive experience while discovering 3M innovation and technologies. Communication and presentation layered with interactive demonstration created a lasting impression on B2B visitors, emphasising 3M’s mission of “Science Applied to Life”

Continued Engagement

The success of the Bangalore Customer Experience centre led to the 2nd refresh project in later years. This project was completed and handed over in February 2020.

In 2016, RXG also completed two large Customer Experience/ Technical Centers at Dammam, Saudi Arabia & Abu Dhabi.