Cauvery Peak- Premium Coffee Brand, India


A 150-year old estate, MSP plantations based in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, traditionally sold bulk Plantation” A” beans to traders and roasters in local and overseas markets. MSP plantations were exploring the idea of marketing their coffee direct to consumers. They wanted to work with a partner with expertise in both concept creation and go to market strategies. RXG team was commissioned to create the Brand, Corporate Identity, Product segmentation, Packaging and an Online Store to facilitate their B to C business.

Concept and Design Strategy

The mnemonic is derived from 2 halves of a coffee bean and it reveals the alphabets C and P. Both letters are mirrored with the symbolic Cauvery river flowing in the middle. The symbol also resembles a face with joined palms to form a gesture of ‘Namaste’, an abstract symbolism, associating the brand to its Indian origin for the global consumer.

The name Cauvery Peak was derived from the physical location of the plantation, lending an instant local and yet exotic connect to the brand. This connect was strengthened further by developing product segments for varied users within the coffee category. The single-origin product segmentation was done basis elevation and soil conditions prevailing in the different estates which gave each product a unique flavour and taste

• The Shevaroys Reserve
• Cauvery Peak Heritage
• Glenfell Classic

The product extensions have been created for espresso and Indian filter blends. A new line of spices has now been added to the overall offering of the estate.

Communication and Design Strategy

RXG developed the brand identity and product packaging to reflect the essence of the plantation.

The website was integrated with an E-commerce platform to enhance ease of buy for customers across the globe. The site offers consumers various forms of both ground/ roasted and whole beans. It allows a shopper to choose from a range of grinds, roasts that suit their preparation method.