Metro Cash & Carry Wellness Zone, Large Format Retail Store, India


Himalaya Drug Company had secured a 300 sq ft space at the large format retail store chain, Metro Cash & Carry in Bangalore. The project was to create a Wellness Zone from its existing first aid and OTC aisles.

Concept and Design Strategy

RXG developed the concept of Total Solutions Selling for the Health & Wellness category.

RXG’s objective was to introduce a natural holistic approach to wellness so that shoppers could interact with the category and arrive at an informed choice for their wellness requirements. This resulted in altering shopper behaviour towards health and wellness products in large format retail outlets. Retailer and Manufacturers saw a large volume offtake from this zone.

RXG also created the space plan, category planogramming, SKU placements, category marketing and internal communication.

Communication and Design Strategy

The brand communication was simple and targeted to ease shopper navigation within the category and orchestrate the customer’s buying journey within the zone.

Store fixtures were developed keeping in mind the standards followed by Metro worldwide. Built-in storage doubled up as branding space for partner brands. Himalaya being the category captain was given a higher presence, with their brand colours used through the communication graphics.