COVID-19: Retail on the front line

Mar, 2020 | Editorials

The management of the activity became, in this month of March 2020, one of the most delicate that retail has ever gone through. Store traffic at half-mast, disrupted supply chains, decrees imposing store closings, employees on technical unemployment, companies worried about paying wages.

However, not all retail sectors are housed in the same boat. As food struggles to keep up with exploding demand, personal and luxury goods players have to solve a difficult equation. How to make sales without customers in-store? Do the brands of cultural products, games and fashion have a card to play with these customers confined to their homes? Will the virus, despite itself, accelerate the digital transformation of retailers? Without speaking of opportunities to be seized (if compatible in terms of image), are there good practices to be implemented? In this global crisis, what do the strategies of Asian and American retailers teach us? If it is too early to predict any “after”, our editorial team makes every effort to bring you its operational decryption on this subject. In the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

By Gautam Chowdhury
CEO of RXG India