Towards re-commerce

Oct, 2020 | Editorials

There is no Plan(et) B. This slogan hammered home by global warming activists now echoes the concerns of a majority of consumers, judging by surveys conducted during the lockdown. How do you manage the ecological transition when you are a retailer? Not all retailers are placed on an equal footing. Some have made sustainable development the main focus of their differentiation. Others have to convince people that they are turning their backs on excessive consumption, whose symbols are disposable, over-packaging, low-cost imports from China, etc. The largest retailers are now devoting a significant part of their investments (such as Ikea or Lego) to becoming climate positive.

With this new ecological doxa, it’s easy to end up in the dock (bad buzz, boycott, presumption of greenwashing). Of course, sustainability comes at a cost. Are consumers ready to pay more for what is cheaper for the Planet? The answer may well lie in the boom in second-hand sales, which has been extensively tested in recent months. A new trend is emerging: Re-commerce. To be continued!

Gautam Chowdhury
CEO of RXG India